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Bonsai Society of Greater Hartford

Call for Entries

If you have a bonsai you would like considered for the exhibition:


Please email your photo to bsghbonsai@gmail.com

Deadline is May 31, 2018 11:59pm, or until the exhibition is filled.  Submission selections will be announced June 16.


An entry fee of $75* per bonsai display bonsai (shohin and multi-point displays are considered one display) will be due when your bonsai is accepted for the exhibition.  

*Members in good standing of the Bonsai Society of Greater Hartford, Pioneer Valley Bonsai Society, and the Bonsai Society of Greater New Haven pay a reduced entry fee of $50 with proof of membership.


Guidelines for Submission:

-Submissions are welcome from bonsai practitioners, hobbyists, professionals and businesses in New England (CT, MA, NH, VT, RI & ME)

-Submissions should be a complete formal display including tree(s), stands, accents, etc. Exhibitors will have a six foot section of display area.

-Submission entries should include a recent photo of the tree(s) (including a summer photo of deciduous trees) and a description of any anticipated changes in the styling between the photo and exhibit.

-Displayed trees should show minimal wire and should be neatly and discreetly applied.  Guy-wires will not be allowed.

-Selections will be made by the BSGH Exhibit Committee without consideration of the reputation of the owner, club affiliation, or history in the bonsai community.  Rather, criteria shall be the quality of the display and consideration of the proposed display to the overall exhibit.  

-The Exhibit Committee may request further information  (including photos) to support any submission, at it’s discretion.

-Selection decisions may not be appealed.



Not currently accepting submissions